The Pick Knitwear Story

The family firm of Pick Knitwear manufactured 'knitted outerwear' in Leicester for 135 years. The Knitwear business was wound up in 1991 before it ground to a halt of its own accord. It is to the credit of the directors that it closed without debts. The Dover Street factory has now been sold and is converted for residential use.

This is an account of the life of the company written by John B Pick (son of Sydney Pick) who worked as sales manager from the late fifties. Part One was written in 1956 to celebrate 100 years of business and part two has just been completed. The charming illustrations in the printed volumes (the cover of one is reproduced above) are by Edward Ardizzone and were specially commissioned.

Part One 1856-1956

Part Two 1956-1991

The Illustrations

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The Dover St factory as it was in 1999, under conversion to apartments.